What the heck makes exercise doable?

No one disputes the value of exercise. We live busy but sedentary lives that are peppered with stress — then we sprinkle questionable eating and drinking on top. Normal? Sure. Healthy? Probably not.

It is what it is……and we all know that exercise is a HUGE antidote. How can we keep at it ? After a lifetime of experimenting with exercise we have determined 2 eternal truths:

1) Regular exercise takes discipline
2) The less interesting the exercise, the more difficult the discipline.

Example: Hiking the Appalachian trail in autumn is good exercise and little discipline is required to stay at it. Running on a treadmill alone in your basement is good exercise, but it’s HUGE discipline to do it often.

Here’s the thing about spin: great exercise of course….but more important, there are things about it that make the discipline less intimidating. The music, the teacher, the group energy, the darkness, the class structure, the variety — these things conspire to make the exercise (dare I say it)….Fun. If something is fun, it doesn’t take as much discipline to do it.

Love to hear your thoughts comments or examples….


One response to “What the heck makes exercise doable?

  1. I have been spinning for 10 years and love it more every day. Spinning is the most efficient way to burn calories anaerobically. This website gives the best ten benefits of spinning:


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