Online Scheduler and class reservations

Absolutely critical to the “studio” nature of your facility. Scheduling is not only a convenience and an amenity — if done well, it also has a subtle and powerful way of encouraging regular and powerful commitment to your classes. On a recent half-blizzard morning in Boston, 32 of 39 scheduled class participants showed up to an 8:00 am Sunday morning class. They had all made reservations, and viewed that as an inviolable commitment.

Important considerations in developing your online scheduler and reservation systems.
1) How far in advance do you allow reservations?
2) How close to a class are reservations accepted?
3) What is the specific cancellation and penalty policy?
4) How are late arrivals treated if walk-ins are waiting?

It is very important to get the answers to these questions solidified —- in your policies and in the minds of your customers.  Shifting or changing them causes confusion and stress for everyone.  This is not a minor matter when it comes to the studio model where attention to detail is so critical.


5 responses to “Online Scheduler and class reservations

  1. What is the best system out there to use. We currently have a merchant account that we would like to use. We have looked into mind body schue however they require you to open a merchant account with them

    • We use mindbody and have found the benefits of the system to be such that it is worth using their merchant account. What issue do you have with using their merchant account??

  2. I currently have a merchant account with BOA and wanted to sign up fo the Mindbody system and use my current merchant account, is this possible

    • Mark, I am not sure… should contact Mindbody directly, they are very responsive to this type of question and I am sure can let you know quickly.

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