Health Club Marketing, Studio Marketing: it’s your Google rank, man….

More and more, marketing activities for health clubs need to center around one over-riding question:  will it make my business for “findable” by Google and the other search engines.  Sound simple?  It is.  Think about your own behavior.  If you all of a sudden decide you are in the market for a service in your area, what are you going to do?  Right after “ask a friend”, comes “start an online search”.  Sure, there are a few people who will still pick up the yellow pages, or look in the local paper —- but do you think the number of those people is growing?  Or dwindling?

When thinking about opening your cycling studio, or other fitness business…..a key concept is the idea of an “online footprint”.  That is the aggregate amount of content  that gives your business a presence on the web.  It includes not just your website (or websites), but any blogging or commenting you are doing, your Facebook page, Tweeting, Videos and all social media marketing you are doing to enhance your presence.  All of this adds up — and increases the odds of a prospective customer stumbling upon you during their online and searching activities.

For an example of what happened at one Indoor Cycling Studio – Spynergy Wellesley, take a look at this article.


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