Cycling or SPIN® / fitness studio business planning and marketing

Spynergy Consulting projects are customized to your needs…….they are based on an assessment of your business and it’s current state. We can help you create a business plan and launch —- or we have a broad range of solutions to help you market, operate and grow.

  • Business plan development (we wrote one, we own it, it worked)
  • Start-up budget development (critical financial plan)
  • Year 1, 2 and 3 financial projections (for you, and for anyone who may want to invest)
  • Making your business more “findable” online
  • Membership and ride card models and pricing
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Spin class marketing, indoor cycling class marketing
  • Studio space requirements
  • Instructor recruitment
  • Payroll issues
  • Web site template
  • Database model
  • Promotions and newsletters
  • Advertising and email marketing
  • Partnership marketing
  • Social media maketing
  • Ancillary revenue development (workshops, accessories, other group ex)

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