Indoor cycling and SPIN® instructors….studio lifeblood

Early this year, we conducted a survey of over 500 active customers of the Spynergy cycling studio in Wellesley, Mass.  This was a tremendously interesting look at the demographics, activities, attitudes and preferences of our customers: spinners and indoor cyclists.  Among some of the interesting findings:  less than 30% of  studio visitors are regular outside cyclists….WOW.  Some studio owners might find this surprising, but the reality is that the hard core outdoor cyclists are often……you guessed it, outdoors.  To build a critical mass of customers to a studio like this, you need to attract outside cyclists AND others seeking a great workout for cardio fitness and/or weight control.

Revelation #2.  When asked what was the single most important factor in keeping them coming back for more classes?  The number one factor was not the quality of the bikes, it was not the studio, it was not the parking, it was not the pricing model —– all these were important, but the number one most important reason people return to an indoor cycling class is….THE INSTRUCTORS.

When you think about it, and when you think about your own class enjoyment, you know this to be true.  If you own or operate a fitness studio, cycling studio, personal training center or any group exercise that is instructor-led, it is absolutely critical — from a customer retention standpoint that you have well defined practices for a) recruiting teachers, b) training teachers, c) evaluating teachers and d) replacing teachers.  This is not an HR issue, nor an operations issue, this is a marketing issue as teachers are the single most important factor in retaining customers.  In a future post, we will address training, evaluation and recruitment.

Note:  one of the best resource for indoor cycling instructors to get ideas is a website called Indoor Cycle Instructor the good ones go there to become better.


3 responses to “Indoor cycling and SPIN® instructors….studio lifeblood

  1. Bill,
    You are sooooo right! As we ramp up for opening our own studio, with lots of great help from Spynergy Consulting (thanks!), we sent out a survey to our own friends and aquaintences, some indoor cyclists, and some not, and the results were very similar, individuals “like” or “dislike” a class primarily on the basis of the instructor!!

    As long-time instructors ourselves, we weren’t surprised by this, but it is nice to have what we “instinctively know” confirmed by real data. Choice of instructors and a plan for training and evaluation is NUMERO UNO on our list of “must dos” to keep our new studio, JoyRide, true to its name, a place people come to EnJoy the Ride!!

    Thanks so much for all your expertise and support as we get up and “rolling” Your guidance has been indispensable in this process and has given us the confidence to stay the course even at times when doubt started to creep in. Looking forward to the next steps that will lead to our opening day!!

    Lorie & Jeff
    JoyRide, Indoor Cycling
    Salem, Oregon

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