Cycling Instructor conference: ICI/Pro — great energy, great event

Wow, I just spent 2 and a half days at the ICI/Pro conference put on by John Macgowan, Jennifer Sage, Barbara Hoots, Gene Nacey,  Tom Scotto,  and the other good folks working with  Indoor Cycle  Great energy,  great event!  I met instructors and studio owners from all over the world:  LA, Toronto, Sweden, Montreal, Texas, Tennessee, New York, Canary Islands, Boston, San Francisco, Georgia, Ann Arbor and more.  Lot’s of styles, lots of  networking, lots of great ideas flowing from one instructor to another.   Several folks were interested in our presentation:  start your own indoor cycling or spinning studio.   I had too many take-aways to name….but here are 3:

1) Keiser (an event sponsor) provided very cool bikes that have a console measuring heart rate, cadence and watt output.  Suuntu (another sponsor) had a cool technology that projects your heartrate data on a screen in front of the class — the whole subject of metrics was abuzz at the conference.  Clearly it is a wave starting to make an impact on indoor cycling.

2) Metrics, power measurement and other technologies are making it easier to attract outdoor cyclists.  In order to thrive, indoor cycling studios and programs need offerings that attract both the fitness, the weight control and the outdoor cycling communities.

3) Endorphins?  Passion?  Some combination?  I don’t know, but the energy level at this event was huge.  I had conversations in the halls about every conceivable topic:  the importance of music, the merits of different bikes, combining indoor cycling with other workouts, using social media….and a lot lot more.

The net net —- noted by Jennifer Sage in one the sessions, is that educating yourself and mingling with like-minded zealots, is a critical part of keeping yourself fresh, motivated, valuable and inspiring to your students.

Kudos to Indoor Cycle Instructor for creating a great event!


2 responses to “Cycling Instructor conference: ICI/Pro — great energy, great event

  1. Thanks for the ride to the airport Bill! I enjoyed your perspective on starting your own studio. Thanks for sharing!

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