De-mystifying indoor cycling and SPIN® classes

Whether you are writing a business plan for a studio, teaching a class, trying to run and operate a cycling studio — or just trying to “spread the word” about this amazing workout, you will need to address a pervasive perception that these classes are insanely intense.

“Those people are crazy”.  “I almost threw up”.  “It’s insane in there”.  I remember the first time I wandered past the door of a spin room back in the early 90’s, peeking in and thinking to myself:  what the @#$% is going on in there?

To have a successful cycling studio, you will need to break down the perception that these classes are insanely intense “suffer-fests”.  Yes, there are people who seek that experience, but as you know, a class does not HAVE to be that way.  The reality is that each individual can adapt the workout to their own fitness level.  This is a critically important concept to communicate in your marketing if you want to broaden your customer base.  In every piece of promotion we do, we are careful to stress that these workouts CAN be intense, but that each participant can determine the intensity level that suits their needs.

As a practical matter, there are several ways to get this across.  You can run “intro” sessions (we do them for free at our studio), that provide an overview without all the distractions of a full blown class.  We have also produced a tri-fold informational brochure that explains the work out and attempts to de-mystify it.  Your website should address this issue in an “FAQ” section or in some other way.  The reality is that in order to attract a broad audience to this workout, it has to be marketed as something folks of all fitness levels can enjoy and benefit from.


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