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Weight loss – straight talk

OK, we’re not going to sugar coat it. A lot of information flies around out there, but there are some basics we feel make sense, most of this is from our favorite book “Younger Next Year.”   And darnit, it makes sense. In your gut, you know this stuff is true — let’s not overcomplicate:

Don’t diet. More than often diets don’t work. Get in shape! Change your lifestyle, live healthier.

Quit eating “crap”. Make a list of what you eat and cut out the crap. You know what it is. Don’t eat it.

Gaining weight really comes from eating more calories than you burn.

Your base metabolism (the rate at which you burn calories without doing a thing) goes down with age. This fact, and sedentary habits are where our guts come from after 40.

An American woman in her 50’s has to set her caloric intake to 1,400 calories per day to lose weight and 2,000 to maintain unless she exercises. Don’t starve yourself…..just get moving!

Cut calories by cutting portions.

Once you start exercising, you begin to see yourself differently because you feel differently. This makes exercise and eating right easier.
Simple wisdom, straight talking….something just sounds right about it. COME RIDE WITH US!

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