Spynergy Consulting projects are customized to your needs…….they are based on an assessment of your business and it’s current state.  We can help you create a business plan and launch —- or we have a broad range of solutions to help you market, operate and grow.

Business plan development
When you consider opening an indoor cycling or  SPINNING® studio,   we will prepare a basic business plan to help you assess what is realistic, and how much profit you might make.  Our plans include start-up costs, revenue and expense budgets,  operating, logisitcs and marketing plans and more.

Website development / Online marketing
Spynergy consulting can help you establish a Google “findable” web presence and automate your reservation, scheduling, email promotion and other activities.  Today’s online tools allow you to efficiently (and with minimal expense)  manage your business from virtually anywhere you can get on to the web …..we help you with this and train you.

Marketing and “findability”.
More and more new customers for all businesses are starting their searches online. Getting your studio’s website “findable” does not have to be super expensive, but it does need a focussed and ongoing effort.  Yes, having a good website is a start, but there are also a range of things needed to give you the Google visibility that lets customers find you.

Content Marketing
Much of effective studio marketing today is the result of creating quality  “content” that inspires, educates, informs or entertains your potential customers.  We have easy to use content marketing strategies that can get your  studio to stand out.  We also have a proven history of using uniqe promotions that are proven to generate more customers and sales.

Social media marketing, Partnership and Guerilla marketing.
Putting an ad in the paper and blasting out tons of direct mail pieces is first of all expensive and secondly not effective enough to rely on for maximum growth.  By using social media such as Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and YouTube, and by partnering and linking to other businesses, you can really increase your cycling studio business.  We can help you powerfully deploy social media and online marketing for your fitness studio or fitness business.  Other services:

  • Business plan development (we wrote one, we own it, it worked)
  • Start-up budget development (critical financial plan)
  • Year 1, 2 and 3 financial projections (for you, and for anyone who may want to invest)
  • Making your business more “findable” online
  • Membership and ride card models and pricing
  • SPIN® studio Operations
  • SPIN® bike Maintenance
  • Spin class marketing, indoor cycling class marketing
  • Studio space requirements
  • Instructor recruitment
  • Payroll issues
  • Web site template
  • Database model
  • Promotions and newsletters
  • Advertising and email marketing
  • Partnership marketing
  • Social media maketing
  • Ancillary revenue development (workshops, accessories, other group ex)

14 responses to “Services

  1. Hi Bill
    Just listened to the podcast with indoorcycleinstructor – really got me energised again.
    I’ve wanted to establish a indoor cycling studio in New Zealand for some time. Drafted a business plan, brought some kit, set up a web site and have had a few clients at home.
    While the Computrainer model I love its not going to make it financially, yet.
    I am an experienced business consultant dealing in IT project management but my passion is cycling.
    So why don’t I leverage your consulting services and see if I can really make a go of this “hobby”.
    Regards – KEN
    Ken Holley
    skype: holleyken

  2. I really enjoyed hearing this, I have been thinking about this for about a year or so now. cycling has been a big part of my whole adult life. Is opening a spin studio and bad idea as 2nd career. I am nearing retirement, 25 years with the government.
    Is a spin studio a bad retirement adventure?

    • Tina, it is hard to answer that question…….because it depends on what your real goal is. Any startup business is a lot of work, especially initially —- on the other hand, these studios are tremendous fun and can make some nice extra income for you. They can also be managed without a huge amount of hours involved (after the startup period). If you’d like to discuss this further, happy to chat and give you a better sense of what is involved. Call me at 781-254-3677

  3. Great idea the concept is perfect, what will be the best location since we are sorrounded of gyms? there is a heavy competition


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  5. Janette Gonzalez

    Hi, i am interested in opening a spin studio. I saw the services you provide. How can i get in touch with a live person to be able to begin this process with you help. Kind Regards, Janette

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  7. HI Bill, Looking to get some ideas about opening a spin studio in my area, Sarasota Fl. What is the next step?

    • We offer a variety of services and consulting, and use the experience we have operating our own 46-bike, 7 year old dedicated cycling studio….Best next step is a phone chat…..happy to discuss when you are ready! Call anytime at 781-254-3677

  8. Hi Bill, I’m interested in opening a spin studio in untouched territory. Inquiring about your service that you offer to help launch my idea.

    • Greetings Angie, always happy to chat about the launch and development of this kind of studio. I have worked with dozens of entrepreneurs who have gotten these open. Best first step is a call….you can reach me anytime at 781-254-3677. Or email me a good time to call you!

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