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The crucial importance of attracting multiple groups to your cycling studio

One of the beauties of a cycling studio is that Lance Armstrong and your grandmother could both sit through the same class (assuming each could tolerate the music), and if properly coached, each could receive awesome fitness benefit given their own fitness levels.  Isn’t that amazing?

For a startup cycling studio (or any cycling studio) to be a successful business, the available seats need to be filled.  Our experience over 7 years, is that no single constituency is enough…..we need them all.   Your marketing, AND your class offerings need to appeal to serious “suffer-loving”  cyclists — AND overweight weekend warriors, and everything in-between.  Don’t assume everyone has the same motivation.  Sure, the number one reason people attend spin and indoor cycling classes is to control weight, but here are other reasons we hear:

  • My cholesterol is high, I want to help control it
  • I am a runner, but want to cross-train to protect my knees
  • I just love the darkness and the mind/body elements
  • Indoor Cycling complements my other workouts
  • I meet interesting people at your studio
  • It’s the only workout I can enjoy with my spouse

Many of your potential customers are outdoor cyclists ….Many aren’t.
Many of your prospects are after weight loss….Many aren’t.
Many are young…..Many aren’t

It’s not easy targeting multiple communities of exercisers.  But is is possible.  Be sure you think about this aspect of your marketing and of the classes and environment you create.

There are a number of other posts on this blog addressing various aspects of opening a cycling or SPIN® studio.  For a free consultation/brainstorm, contact  Bill at 781-254-3677   billpryor@comcast.net


SPIN studio versus Indoor Cycling studio

Here is a question we hear all the time from studio starters looking to get their business going:

1) Should I be an official “SPIN” studio, or an indoor cycling studio

There are pluses and minuses to this decision it is something you should reveiw in detail.   The words “spin” and “spinning” are closely held trademarks of a California company called Maddog Athletics. You may NOT use those words in the name of your business, on your website, on your schedule or in any promotional activity unless you are a licensee of Maddog Athletics. If you do — you will be contacted by a lawyer and that is never a good thing….trust me.

The good news (if you want to use the “spin” word), is that there is no fee to become a licensed studio, but you are legally bound to a) purchase the StarTrac bikes sold by Maddog, and b) agree to have your teachers certified in the Maddog system. The StarTrack bikes are popular and established, and their certification program is fine. But these are restrictions that do impact you freedom to operate.

I believe there are other great bikes out there, and many studios do well with them.  There is one consideration in this discussion that is tied to GOOGLE searching. People are more and more finding businesses by doing web searches. If you cannot use the word “spin” in your web activities, you are restricted and it could impact your “findability” (since many people search on this word). This is a  reason to go with “SPIN” and Maddog.

On the other hand, indoor cycling is a term that many people are familiar with and a number of successful studios have managed very well without the license. If you have further questions or thoughts on this topic, please let me know, or you can comment here on the Spynergy Consulting Blog.

Thanks for your time — Happy Riding!!